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Car bomb kills victims in Iraq Grow So 31 People

Written By wikitrailers on Friday, 27 January 2012 | 19:21

 Wikinews - Baghdad - The death toll from a car bomb that exploded outside a hospital in Iraq increases. Last reported death toll reached 31 people.

The explosion occurred in the settlement of Shias in Baghdad also wounded 60 other people. Similarly, as reported by AFP on Friday (27/01/2012).

This car bomb exploded outside Zafraniyah hospital in east Baghdad region. This bomb is about to hit the group of mourners attended the funeral of the victims were killed by other bombings in Baghdad.

Medical officers and local security guards call, the death toll rose to 31 people. Among the dead there are eight security guards and 4 women.

The impact of the explosion is quite severe, where a number of houses and shops burned and collapsed. Many of the broken window glass and debris strewn everywhere. An ambulance and other cars on fire until charred. Residents were frantically searching for their families are separated and lost after the explosion.

After the explosion, the scene guarded by security forces. Several helicopters were circling over the site.

The blast hit the middle group of citizens who followed the funeral procession of Mohammed al-Maliki and his family. Maliki, a real estate agent, was killed along with his wife and son on Thursday, January 26 yesterday at Yarmuk area, western Baghdad. When the bomb exploded, a resident is taking the bodies of Maliki and his family to the cemetery.

"I saw a yellow cab heading toward the group of mourners, and then the car exploded.'s Body to be buried into the air. I took the body of a young woman and the body of a man whose head was shattered by the explosion to the hospital," said one of his Baghdad government official, Ayman Rabiyah.

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